The Great Chinese New Year 2019

21Jan19 16.31

CPN invests 200 million baht to reinforce its position of ‘the best one-stop destination’ for Chinese New Year celebration

* Be blessed by paying homage to the three-meter-tall sculpture of the goddess Guan Yin posed in the ‘Attitude of Blessing’ from Beijing at CentralWorld

* Enjoy a spectacular performance of the LED Lion Dance for the first time in Thailand from the latest lion dance world champions and the ‘World Dragon Show’ on the ‘panOramix’, the world’s largest interactive screen situated in front of CentralWorld

* From 25th Jan to 28th Feb 2019 at centralwOrld, CentralPlaza, CentralFestival, and Central Phuket, in total of 32 branches nationwide

Bangkok – Central Pattana Plc (CPN) is joining hands with partners including Government Savings Bank, Kasikorn Bank Plc, Siam Commercial Bank Plc, UnionPay International Co., Thai AirAsia Co., Thai Air Asia, and Jubilee Enterprise Co. to announce its investment of 200 million baht to hold ‘The Great Chinese New Year 2019 - The Portrait of Wealth’ campaign, inviting people to shop, pay respects to ancestors and gods, eat and enjoy leisure time in one place at 32 branches of CPN’s shopping centers nationwide, reinforcing its position as ‘the Best One-Stop Destination’ for Chinese New Year Celebration. Responding to a new marketing trend ‘Omnipresence’, CPN aims to create experiences that serve the Lifestyle Journey of consumers, as well as offers big promotions with big rewards worth more than 9.4 million baht. It is expected to draw more traffic to its shopping centers for 20%. The company also plans to draw quality tourists from China by joining hands with partners for exclusive privileges to support Thailand’s tourism. The Great Chinese New Year 2019 will be held from 25th January - 28th February 2019. More Information: LINE@ centrallife.

Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Executive Vice President of Marketing of Central Pattana plc, said: “This Chinese New Year, we will celebrate the year of the ‘Golden Pig’, the symbol of health and prosperity for Chinese people. This year is considered a year of luck, prosperity and wealth. That’s one reason why CPN is investing 200 million baht to encourage our customers to shop, pay respect to ancestors and gods, eat and enjoy leisure time all in one place at CPN’s shopping centers.”

“This year, we respond to a new consumer’s behavior trend called ‘Omnipresence’ which is quite different from the concept of ‘Omnichannel’. It seems that consumer’s major concern is not about the channel, but they want experiences reflecting their lifestyle journey. Therefore, we need to create superior experiences that attract consumers to visit and spend time at our shopping centers, where they can live their lifestyle and have all their needs regarding Chinese New Year perfectly served, including shopping and preparing for paying respects to ancestors, paying worship to sacred gods, having meals with the whole family to celebrate new year, all well as spending rewards from red envelopes for themselves and their families. Moreover, rare shows and experiences are also highlight phenomenon to celebrate the great Chinese New Year in all angles at our 32 shopping centers nationwide that we aim to be The Best One Stop Destination for this festive time,” said Dr. Nattakit

Dr. Nattakit continued: “CPN aims to attract ‘Mass Affluent’ consumers with high purchasing power, especially those who are Chinese descendants such as people from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Thailand. The target groups embrace technology yet still maintain their traditional culture and love to express their identities through taking photographs at eye-catching points and enjoy the convenience of shopping inside shopping centers. We expect the traffic to increase around 20%.”

This Chinese New Year, CPN will create a Chinese New Year sensation of all dimensions in our 32 shopping centers nationwide to make the ‘best one-stop destinations’ for shopping, paying respects to ancestors and gods, eating and enjoying leisure time, fulfilling customer needs for celebration and sharing great moments among family members with a variety of activities. Enjoy shopping at ‘China Market’ with products and auspicious foods as well as a Chinese New Year fashion collection, and enter ‘Central Bangkok Happy Chinese New Year 2019’ to discover various products and items.

Pay homage to the three-meter-tall sculpture of the goddess Guan Yin posed in the ‘Attitude of Blessing’ from Beijing at CentralWorld and, for better luck and wealth, visit the jade exhibition to see 1,000 year-old sacred jade, the rarest in the world, worth one billion baht, and also a selection of white jade, five-color ‘Phra Sangkachai’ jade, Guan Yin (jade goddess), ‘Emerald Jade for Wealth’, ‘Hok Lok Siew’ jade and all-gods jade etc.

Eat from the vast Billionaire Menu, which includes 16 dishes made with gold as an ingredient, from 14 well-known restaurants, available exclusively at CPN’s shopping centers.

And enjoy leisure time with world-class performances from China that you really must not miss. CPN is also joining hands with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), the Embassy

of China in Thailand and the Chinese Cultural Center to bring over 30 world-class shows to audiences, including a painting exhibition from well-known Chinese artist Yang Liu Qing and an acrobatic light show, where aerial performers will perform from the seventh floor at CentralWorld, and the ‘Thousand Hands Guan Yin Show’. A charity auction called ‘the Lucky Pig’ will be held at CentralPlaza Pinklao, with items designed by well-known artists; proceeds will be donated to Siriraj Hospital. There will be several ‘must check-in’ destinations for photo opportunities at all branches as well as a ‘Fortunetellers Expo’ for Chinese New Year from MONO 29 channel.

“As for tourists who enjoy taking excursions during the long holiday of Chinese New Year, we will proactively raise their awareness of the campaign at the pre-arrival stage by coordinating with flights and tour agencies to attract customer traffic to our 32 branches of shopping centers nationwide especially those near tourist destination locations. Tourist customers get 100-baht worth of digital vouchers from Tops and Central Department Store and a gift bag from Naraya when scanning the QR Codes, and when they spend 3,500 baht and up on shopping, get a free Aromatic Gift Set from KARMAKAMET (2,500 baht when paid through Alipay). In addition, Chinese tourists can enjoy 30 yuan in cash back when they pay 300 Chinese yuan through Alipay on shopping,” Dr. Nattakit said.

The Great Chinese New Year 2019 – The Portrait of Wealth where you can shop, pay respects to ancestors and gods, eat and enjoy leisure time in one place at CPN shopping centers will be held from 25th January - 28th February 2019 at 32 branches of CPN’s shopping centers, including CentralWorld, CentralPlaza, CentralFestival nationwide and Central Phuket.